Giannis was born in Maryland, USA in 1988. He grew up on the island of Crete, Greece, raised on a steady diet of 80's science fiction and samurai films. He's been drawing comics since 2006. 2010 saw the launch of his cyberpunk webcomic OLD CITY BLUES, collected in a hardcover edition by Archaia Entertainment in the summer of 2011. Giannis currently lives and works out of Crete, Greece.

Selected works:

  • PROPHET (with Brandon Graham, Image, 2012)
  • OLD CITY BLUES (Archaia Entertainment, 2011)
  • SCRIBBLES 1, 2009-2010 (sketchbook. Self-published, 2010)
  • Spera Vol. 2 (one chapter, with Josh Tierney. Archaia Entertainment, 2012)
  • Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies (short story, with Paul Maybury. Image, 2011)
  • Το αίμα που κατουράω (with Anastasis Tsiatsios. Self-published, 2008)
Contact: tumblr / twitter